Thursday, 11 August 2011

About Me ♥ :)

Just Me..

Hye!!My Name Aisya Nazreen Awg Nazaruddin..
You can call me Syasya..
Im still NEW in this BLOG! C:
On this date 12.Disember
I am 19 years all..
Have mix blood..
 My Yan,Malay..
My Mamy,Chinese..
Im study at Pusat Pembangunan Kemahiran Sarawak(ppks)
in course  Information System..
Have a Great Lecturer..
Mr.Ajibol & Miss Feeda..
 I am a little bit quiet n Blurr? (sometimes)..
I not trying hard to be like by someone..
Its just my personality..
Im not a perfec person..
But im try to be the best..
I like something that perfec n simple..
I want to be a great Fashion Designer..
AND i have taken by Awangku Dhiya Hishamuddin..
people call him Echam/Cham/Dhiya/Awg..
 ermm..k?thats all from me yarhh..
Want to know more about
me,my famly,my life?
Dont't Forget to FOLLOW my BLOG! C:
Sayang Allah..
Sayang Islam..
Sayang My Famly..
Sayang Ecam Famly..
Sayang My Echam <3


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